Your Own Personal Jesus



I am not a fan of religion. It has a lot to answer for in my opinion. People are kept down, crushed by megalomaniacs under the name of ‘faith’. Furthering their own selfish gains whilst pretending to be all for the common cause. And yet, it is one of the biggest causes of progress. Advances in Architecture, Art, and Literature have often been used to spread the faith, prove devotion and find a way to praise God and rally around those who believe.

I have often thought that (whilst I am not religious myself and am considered an ‘atheist’ to all intents and purposes) without faith, people would turn on each other worse than they do even now. Religion has caused many a war, but no less than complete lack of hope would. And what is a religion at its purest root but a genuine hope for better?

While I do not belong to any prescribed notion of a higher being, I always look for signs. I can’t help it. It offers meaning to the world, rather than the randomness of events that at times leaves me feeling bewildered. The insistence of meaning in the worst events, the saddest outcomes, can give me energy and help to collect my thoughts and feelings. It makes me feel stronger, more capable.

So. Why not make yourself a religion? To make peace with the exterior world, rather than waging war on others beliefs. Little devotions to yourself, a routine of self-care, a moment of self-reflection, a prayer to your good senses. All of these things buoy you up when you are facing self-doubt. Even having a small altar or shrine in your own space, a visual representation of you, can do wonders for personal power.

I have had bad days or periods where I don’t take care of myself, and in those moments I feel disappointed. I let myself down, when I feel good I take it for granted, or forget the self-care routine. Burning out or partying too hard, forgetting that you have a body and spirit that needs attention, these things leave me reeling when you have a low moment.

Yet, in practice; reflecting on these moments, taking your time and removing limiting beliefs from the mind- the patterns of destruction and creation will start to even out. You will start to build, more than bury. The more self-care you give, the less you need to administer harsh statements.

It is not selfish to become a deity in your own life. Because the more benevolent we are to ourselves, the more kindly we see others. Less judgement means less projecting on the world. With the correct intention, the world will look more peaceful, more bountiful, more beautiful.

Give a fuck about yourself. Honestly, love yourself and believe in your power. Just don’t be a dick about it, that’s all!


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  1. Matt says:

    Agreed. You need a grounding in broader thinking and balance to see both sides of the religious conundrum for what it is. Rarely are those with strong views either way afforded such insight. Ego driving their position. Take from things the bits that work for you. Apply. Move on.

    ‘Reach out, touch me…..’


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